Enjoy the History and Fun at the Santa Monica Pier

Enjoy the History and Fun at the Santa Monica Pier 

Out of all the area has to offer, the Pacific Ocean is the most popular attraction for those who visit southern California. Santa Monica is one of the best places to travel in southern California if you are looking for an amazing ocean-side experience. The Santa Monica Pier is filled with fun things to do and see, as well as a rich history to explore.

The History of the Pier

Understanding the history of the Santa Monica Pier can offer insight into all the amazing options visitors to this area of southern California can expect. The pier consists of two piers located right next to each other. The first pier was built in 1909 and was initially designed to carry the sewer pipes beyond the breakers. The second was added in 1916 to house the amusement park, Pleasure Pier. The historic carousel was added in 1922, and in 1924, the La Monica Ballroom was built, making it the largest dance hall on the west coast. This ballroom was transformed into a skating rink, which was in use between 1958 and 1962. Even though the Santa Monica Pier saw a decline in use during the Great Depression, the pier has been quite successful since then.

Attractions Galore

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the best places to travel in southern California because of its array of attractions. You will find something for everyone out on the pier. Pacific Park is home to a number of rides, including the carousel, Ferris wheel, a tower ride and more. The pier is also home to the Trapeze School of New York, an arcade and The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. The Ocean Front Walk extends along the beach from the pier, featuring shops and restaurants that appeal to everyone.

 A Pop Culture Icon

One of the biggest reasons people travel to southern California is to see all the famous sites and pop culture icons scattered throughout the area. The Santa Monica Pier has been featured in a number of films, television shows, video games and music videos, drawing even more attention to the pier. With the number of Hollywood cameo appearances the pier has made, chances are you have seen this icon on the big screen a time or two.

At the Santa Monica Pier, you will find tons of time-tested classics and new and exciting options. In addition to the Pacific Park amusement park, shops and dining, visitors who travel to southern California will be in the presence of a Hollywood icon. If you are looking for places to travel in southern California, adding this destination to your list is a must for a day or even two. With all the attractions available, you will find something fun for everyone.

If you are planning a trip to southern California, contact us. Santa Monica pier is just one of the thousands of places that make southern California an amazing experience.

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